ABELDent Support

We know the importance of being there when you need us and that is why we put so much effort into software support.

Sharing new information, being responsive to change and working through problems and solutions together are part of our service responsibility in providing a reliable, comprehensive support program.

Flexible Software Support Around the Clock

ABELDent has the largest support resources in the industry and delivers comprehensive, cost-effective services certified to software industry quality standards.

We never close, even for holidays, so you can reach us at any time for support and sales inquiries.

Support Tailored to Your Office Needs

Each ABELDent Client has different support needs. If your office hires new staff, for example, or you want to use more of our software's features/capabilities, you may want more comprehensive coverage than an office with experienced users who require minimal support.

You choose the level of support that best responds to your needs today and change it as your needs change, so you always have a perfect fit.
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Enjoy these Additional Features

ABELDent Training

ABELDent’s training program ensures a smooth and successful implementation. It is customized to fit each customer’s needs: on-site, classroom, webinars and video tutorials.

Learn more about ABELDent Training

MyABEL Customer Portal

MyABEL adds further dimension with a wide-variety of resources available to enhance their use of ABEL Products. ABELDent users have 24/7 access to the MyABEL portal for downloads, tutorials, support articles, and many other valuable resources.

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ABEL Software Maintenance

The ABEL Software Maintenance plan empowers your team to take full advantage of current updates and information so that you receive maximum ROI over the life of your practice.

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