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ABELSoft Onsite Training

On-site Training

Our on-site training sessions are designed to help you and your staff learn to use your ABEL software quickly and efficiently. Each session is held in your office by one of our expert trainers in a hands-on environment.

To get the most out of this training we recommend:

  • Fewer, but longer training sessions in an environment free of interruptions so your staff can absorb the information quickly and completely
  • Full group sessions including your part-time and evening/weekend staff to ensure that every team member gleans the benefit of first-hand instruction

Web-based Training

After your staff have received most of the essential training, there may be an advanced topic or issue with which you are unfamiliar. With a high-speed Internet connection to your system and a telephone call, one of our expert trainers can add to your knowledge when you are ready.

  • Online sessions are more timely and cost-effective than in-office training
  • An ABEL instructor will cover the advanced topic/issue that meets your needs
  • There is no limit to the number of staff that can participate
Web based Training

Our experts will help you develop and implement a training plan that will have the greatest impact on your practice.

ABELSoft Training

Classroom Training

Training sessions for groups are available in our fully-equipped facility at our headquarters in Burlington, Ontario. Like our on-site sessions, classroom seminars are facilitated by expert trainers in a hands-on environment.

We recommend classroom training for:

  • Newly hired staff
  • Introduction to new or advanced areas of your software

To schedule your training, call 800-267-ABEL (2235) and press 4

The training in charting was very valuable and also gave us some insight as to what the next steps in becoming paperless will be.

Carmen, Maureen, Patty, and Caylee at Dr. David Radatzke's office

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